KOBER is a counselling center for women, that were or still are working in prostitution.


KOBER offers assistance for women in the sex industry and reacts flexibly to their different needs and problems.


KOBER gives advice and support for women working in prostitution, acts as a contact person and is always concerned with reducing the risks and dangers of working in the sex industry.


Women visit the counselling center either with concrete concerns they want help for, or just for social interaction with our employees or other women.


  • offers information, counselling and support for problems of everyday life or in cases of emergency
  • informs thoroughly about Dortmund's off-limits area (Sperrbezirksverordnung)  and motivates to work outside of it, educates and motivates to work health-conscious in prostitution
  • provides counselling during hearings and accompanies women to departments and authorities 
  • offers counselling for social security
  • provides offers for therapeutic recreation
  • helps with apartment-hunting or imminent homelessness
  • offers help after violent assaults and preventing violence
  • gives orientations
  • provides measures for occupational integration (job application training,  career service, mediation for employment...)
  • promotes primary prevention (Distribution of information and safer sex material) as well as offering psychosocial and psychological crisis interventions and companionship
  • debt counselling
  • offers extensive and demand-oriented help for exiting the sex industry and works with former prostitutes
  • provides help with correspondence
  • conveys legal basics
  • mediates to other counselling services

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Contact us

KOBER - Kommunikations- und Beratungsstelle


Nordstr. 50

44145 Dortmund


Tel.:       0231-8610320

e-mail:  kober@skf-dortmund.de

opening hours

Mo. - Fr.

10.00 am - 3.00 pm


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Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen e.V. - Subject: KOBER

Stadtsparkasse Dortmund

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Bank für Kirche und Caritas e.G. Paderborn

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